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DStats.net - Download/Hit Counter, Web Tracker
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Download counter - Setting up the tracking code

Replace download URL by DStats.net URL, instead of using <a href='http://yourdomain.com/yourfile'>Download file here</a>
use DStats.net download code
<a href='http://dstats.net/download.php?file=http://yourdomain.com/yourfile'>
Download file here
For example if you wish to start tracking downloads of file located at http://dstats.net/demo.txt, resulting HTML code will look like
<a href='http://dstats.net/download.php?file=http://dstats.net/demo.txt'>
Download demo.txt file here

You may also use following aliases for http://dstats.net/download.php

http://dstats.net/download/... or download.php?url=...
http://dstats.net/dl/... or dl.php?url=...
http://dstats.net/forward/... or forward.php?url=...
http://dstats.net/fwd/... or fwd.php?url=...
http://dstats.net/redir/... or redir.php?url=...
http://dstats.net/rd/... or rd.php?url=...

Parameter file may be replaced by parameter url, so that following DStats.net URL format is accepted

<a href='http://dstats.net/download.php?url=http://dstats.net/demo.txt'>
Download demo.txt file here

Download location may be also replaced by Dstats.net URL digest, which is available on DStats.net online report. This feature may be use to hide original download URL too. To get DStats.net URL digest follow next few simple steps :

  1. Setup a download counter (see above)
  2. Test your download counter (click on link, download a file)
  3. In your web browser enter DStats.net online report URL http://dstats.net/dstats.php?file=http://yourdomain.com/yourfile
  4. DStats.net URL digest is available on the top of the report
Usage of DStats.net URL digest is similar to usage of standard URL, simply replace original download location by DStats.net URL digest from online report. For example
<a href='http://dstats.net/download.php?url=6c65ccd13904f5a26816fa557d602460'>
Download demo.txt file here

DStats.net features a javascript tracking too, this may be used for higher level of availability  and accessibility. You only need to include DStats.net tracking javascript into your webpage at the top and modify download HTML code to support javascript tracking. 
<script type='text/javascript' src='http://dstats.net/js/dstracker.js'></script>

<a href='http://dstats.net/demo.txt' onclick='return dstatstracker(this);'>
Download demo.txt file here
Note, you have to allways add the javascript code " onclick='return dstatstracker(this);'" into your download link to start using javascript tracking feature.